Who we are

SheSpace is a work and meeting place where bold women gather to find community, amplify ambition, and propel their dreams forward.

Our mission is to create clear pathways for women to accomplish personal and professional goals through the convenience of a female-fueled space. SheSpace provides amenities, events, and spaces for women to increase productivity and satisfaction, and minimize stress and wasted time.

SheSpace envisions Houston as a city where women have an inclusive place to unite, network and work unencumbered. We develop bold, unapologetic women who thrive together. It provides an incomparable, inspirational workplace and meeting experience for women, in a space created and designed by women. This is where forward-thinking females boldly gather to embrace the power, persistence, and passion of SHE, while enjoying the benefits of a women-centered social club. (One of many benefits include quick access to endless amounts of freshly brewed coffee.) 

We are Houston’s premier female-focused coworking space, catered to all.

Whether you’re a one-woman-band looking for a coworking space surrounded by a group of like minded women, or a small business needing a private office space, we’ve got your back! Check our membership page for more details. What sets us apart from other coworking spaces is our educational programming. We understand that if we are to truly transform our journey as women, we need to create leaders. By teaching bright minds leadership skills, regardless of their current path – artist or athlete, cowgirl or CEO; educational collaboration ignites passion for excellence.

Not only is SheSpace a dedicated female-focused shared office, but also a networking opportunity for Houston womenpreneurs to connect, collaborate, and cultivate SHE in the workplace.

Nestled in the heart of the Houston Heights and conveniently located in the same parking lot as a major chain grocery store, gas station, bank, nail and hair salon, variety of restaurants, and a myriad of other retailers.