Event spaces

Plan your next event with us!

Whether you need conference rooms, a space for a seminar, or catering for a crowd, SHE can make it happen. We can customize our space to best fit your needs.

Houston Event Venue

Are you looking for an attractive Houston event venue? SheSpace has regular networking events, panels, conferences, seminars, and master classes for female entrepreneurs, freelancers, and business professionals that can benefit their businesses and social life! One of the great perks in joining our coworking space for women is that your office also becomes an avenue for additional educational programming.

Women In Business Events In Houston

We at SheSpace encourage events where women are supporting women! Entrepreneurs, freelancers, designers, femtechs, small business owners and C-Suite executives alike come to our women in business events in Houston.

At these events, women establish new business partnerships and gain new clients. This has the obvious benefit of paying for their exceptional office at SheSpace. The old adage, “you have to spend money to make money” is often true. If you currently work from home or a coffee shop, you know those locations can provide unwanted distractions that decrease productivity and revenue. Thus, these events in Houston are icing on the cake when your office is only steps away.

You Go Woman!

That’s what it says on the wall when you walk into our coworking space. Why? Because we like to remind everyone that we’re a place of business for women to support each other, benefit from shared knowledge and succeed.

We have the following useful amenities in a modern and stylish environment that you’ll enjoy:

  • Open-area seating for Community Space
  • Private offices that accommodate four people
  • Room for podcasting
  • Places to take phone calls in private
  • Conference rooms
  • Event spaces (you can throw an event yourself if you like!)
  • Coffee area for needed fuel
  • Exercise classes
  • Educational classes

Contact Us Today – Your Houston Event Venue For Women Awaits!

Please stop by so that we can happily answer any questions you may have. Or call us at 281-881-7956 to learn more and schedule a tour. Your new Houston networking venue for women is just one more opportunity to thrive and succeed!