“asking for help is the best lesson I am learning”

Rapid-fire questions with Summer Lydick

Most important item in your bag?
silver glitter lipgloss

Favorite power woman lipstick?
It just depends on what I’m wearing. I feel equally powerful wearing no makeup at all or a deep dramatic shade. As an artist, I’m always led by my intuition at each moment.

Your favorite podcast, if any?
Currently, Lewis Howes School of Greatness

Last book you read? Or last show you binged watched?
I’m binging all things Celerie Kemble right now. I’ve been attracted to this interior designer for several years and got to meet her recently at Design Week. Now I’m pouring over all her books and articles.

What’s something you can’t leave the house without?
My water bottle!

What is your favorite song of all-time?
Mary Jane’s Last Dance by Tom Petty

What’s heavily played on your music playlist right now?
Sing in Silence -Live by GOAT. Really digging this band right now.

What is something you want to get better at?
Maintaining my car!

What excites you most about SheSpace?
The colors! and the amazing women I meet there every time.

What is the coolest thing we might find on your desk?
Art supplies! little bits of nature I pick up from my daily dog walks, a string of beads I made in Kindergarten that I’d like to restring on a gold chain. My desk ephemera is constantly changing!

Who would you most like to share a workspace with?
Artist, Ashley Longshore

Favorite Houston restaurant?
Velvet Taco!!! haha!

Advice to your 20-year-old self?
Gurl…just keep going. It gets better.

Life motto?
Don’t give up.

Favorite inspiring quote of all-time?
“Knowing Love, I will allow all things to come and go, to be as supple as the wind, and take everything that comes with great courage. Life is right in any case. My heart is as open as the sky.” From one of my favorite movies, Kamasutra. I even tattooed part of this on my forearm. <3

Heels or flats?
Barefoot or sandals

Coffee or tea?
Decaf coffee with wheatgrass, cocoa, turmeric, cinnamon, & coconut oil. 🙂

Walk or bike?
Walk all day long.