Student Membership

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For the student who needs a quiet, inspirational place to study with the same benefits as a Community Space but at HALF the price.

Are you studying for the next exam, GMAT, bar exam, or real estate boards? All you need for our Student Membership is a valid Student ID and your study world will never be the same. Gone are your days in a cramped library, shuffling around looking for desk space. Ramp up your motivation and your grades by studying at SheSpace. Our Student Membership enjoys the same perks as our Community Space: cool desks and chairs, comfy sofas, endless fresh ground coffee, and super speed WiFi, except that the price is HALF off! Studying doesn’t get any better than this.



  • Monday and Wednesday 4:00pm until close
  • Tuesday and Thursday 8:00pm until close


  • Friday noon until Sunday closing
  • Valid Student ID required at time of signing
  • Month to month membership
  • Group meetings require private meeting room booking

Gone are the days of four walls, being boxed in, and no sunlight. Ramp up your creativity and business in SheSpace, and choose where you sit each day. In our female-fueled space, work alongside other women badasses and be inspired.

Whether you’re mind-mapping, crunching numbers, collaborating, or in the zone alone – our tables, sofas, super-speed WiFi and informal meeting areas provide the ideal environment for every business. Lockers are available so you can safely store your gym bag or jacket before finding a seat

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