SheSpace houses a permanent bright and shiny SheShop in our SheSpace orange bookshelves where we feature books and products created by our members. We have a curated collection of merchandise gathered with strong women in mind. Need to grab a last-minute gift or card? We have items of strength, grace and practicality.  And of course, a few SheSpace items as well. Stop by today! 

It’s poppin’, literally!

At SheSpace we’ve created an opportunity to highlight female entrepreneur’s visions, which have taken shape in a profusion of products and merchandise. Whether you are still working from your garage or have spread your wings to a brick and mortar, our rotating pop-up is for the bold and enterprising to display her wares. Let us hip hip hurray your efforts!

If you are interested in finding time for your product to shine, please fill out the inquiry form below and we will get back to you soon!


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