Mother Support

Being a mother doesn’t mean you have to choose between what’s best for your children and doing a good job at work.

At SheSpace, we integrate these two goals. We’ve created a special environment that supports and encourages your efforts in continuing to breastfeed while you are working.

Our COVID-compliant lounge is a mother’s dream, with plenty of outlets for pumps, comfortable seating, and a relaxing space. Throughout the design process, our founding mothers ensured the private lounge was easily accessible, cozy, and convenient for working moms – from structural elements to high quality supplies. 

Please see in our Taking on COVID section how we have adjusted our Lactation Lounge to accommodate strict COVID regulations.

In addition to utilizing the lactation lounge, nursing members can use our personal-sized cooling units to store their milk supply for the day. Mothers can also enjoy complimentary lactation cookies.

Grab a parenting or children’s book from our book shop, sit back, and pump with ease. WiFi is also available in the mother support lounge! Also, we know the importance of motherhood AND business, which is why we allow babes up to six months old to stay with their parents at their desks!