Dedicated desk

A desk as dedicated as you are! If your company is limited to one employee and all you need is your own desk for your computer, we have the solution for you.

SheSpace is a new age workspace with old ways kept in mind. In an office shared with others, your own desk gives you the ability to securely lock up your personal belongings.

Dedicated desks are in the open workspace, surrounded by the buzz of women in the shared coworking area. It even comes with a locked cabinet and unlimited stock of office supplies. And we’re certainly not forgetting WiFi.

SheSpace availability:

We have 20 individual desks available for rent.

Apply and join the community!

Rent A Dedicated Desk in Houston

Are you a woman looking to rent desk space in a beautiful and professional office environment that empowers you to work? SheSpace was made for women to support each other and succeed! High Productivity can be difficult when working from home, so you may prefer to rent a dedicated desk in Houston at our fully outfitted facility.

What Have We Got?

Get the most out of your Houston dedicated desk space at SheSpace. We’ve made sure to incorporate amenities you might need as well as thoughtful touches you might want.

No More Distractions

If you’ve tried to get work done at coffee shops or at home, you know it’s challenging. You’ll find that productivity at SheSpace — with the benefits of renting a dedicated desk — will be most welcome. It’s distracting to access professional office amenities at a different location and have to return to your original spot. There’s also a great sense of pride in having a dedicated office to call your own. You mean business!

Here are some attractive benefits of renting a dedicated desk — and SheSpace in general:

  • High-Speed Internet (of course)
  • Rent conference rooms for meetings
  • Classes to bolster your acumen
  • Exercise classes to get you going
  • Nooks for reading and catching up
  • Mailing address and mail service
  • Conferences and events
  • State of the art Podcasting room

Contact Us Today

If you’re looking to rent a dedicated desk in Houston, the time to take advantage of a professional environment is now.

Please call us at 281-881-7956 with any question you might have about our shared offices with dedicated desks in Houston, TX, and you’re always welcome to stop by and check us out.