Some businesses do better with their own office space. Somewhere you can post your plans for female domination in private. A space perfect in size and design for you and your team.

Our offices are fully furnished, beautifully structured and designed for you. How you choose to organize, brand, and decorate is up to you! Set it up in a way that works for your team.

Move-in ready features include modern, ergonomic office furniture, lightning-fast WiFi, ethernet ports, and a flexible contract tailored to your business needs. Of course, expanded hours of operation (7 p.m. – 10 p.m.) because we know greatness can’t be limited by business hours.

For your important meetings or calls, feel free to reserve any of our conference rooms or enjoy open access to one of our huddle rooms. Members can also enjoy full access to our lounges, break room, book store, and conveniently work from any spot or nook.

SheSpace office availability:

Nine offices in varying sizes. Claim your space and apply today!