Welcome to SheSpace, a work and meeting place where bold women gather to find community, amplify ambition, and propel their dreams forward.


Women’s Networking in Houston, TX

Are you interested in women’s networking in Houston, TX, to help your business and garner new clients? SheSpace is a female-focused coworking space in the Houston area that also hosts a plethora of events that provide networking for women-owned businesses. So, regardless of your level of membership, you have the added benefit of SheWorthy events and educational classes.

A Place for Women to Thrive

Many women who rent spaces and desks from us did important work at home on their kitchen table, in loud, crowded coffee shops or other public spaces. Almost without exception, they found it to be too distracting and detrimental to their productivity and the quality of their work.

The great news about SheSpace is that you’re part of a strong female community. You may win that extra client or project through Houston female-focused networking programs that pay for your workspace and then some. Best of all: women helping women in business is a joy to behold!

Style, Comfort… SUCCESS

You want to work in a space that motivates you. SheSpace is modern, stylish and well-appointed so that you actually want to come back here and work. Your environment is important for quality results and we think you’ll find our spaces to be energizing and if that isn’t enough to keep you coming back, what about the endless cups of coffee?

Here are some perks of SheSpace:

  • A mailing address and very useful mail services
  • Fast and reliable internet
  • All kinds of workspaces – open area community space, offices, etc.
  • Mentorship program for women in Houston
  • Networking events
  • Educational classes
  • Lockers

Contact Us For Women’s Networking Opportunities in Houston, TX

At SheSpace, we love to see women succeed and achieve their goals. Stop by and see us! We can secure your attractive workspace and you can enjoy the Houston female-focused networking programs that come along with it. Give us a call at 713-684-8091 to learn more or stop by to schedule a tour.