More than FAQs, we call it the Nitty Gritty

Quality Standards: SheSpace pledges to ensure that the Member and public’s expectations of quality are met in order to provide a safe, secure, reliable and respectful atmosphere at all times.


ADA: We follow all DOJ ADA Title III regulations; accessible elevator approach, accessible entrance, access to goods and services, access to public toilet rooms and access to items of convenience such as water dispensers. 

Animal Policy: At this time, we only allow service-certified animals.

Behavior: Guests and Members of SheSpace are expected to follow rules of civil engagement on SheSpace’s property at all times. Unruly or belligerent Members or guests will be politely asked one time to correct behavior. If rude or disorderly behavior continues, HPD will be called. SheSpace management will not verbally or physically engage or escort guests from the premises without a HPD officer present. This applies to both Members, guests, and employees.  If a Member, guest or employee appears to be under the influence, they will be asked to vacate the premises. If the person remains on the premises and becomes unruly or belligerent, HPD will be called.

Children: Babes-in-arms are invited to join their parents through the infant’s six month.

Cleanliness: All Members are expected to clean up after themselves, and throw away all trash when leaving an area. Trash cans and paper towels will be located throughout the facility.

Elevator/Stairs: We are located on the second story accessible by the adjoining outdoor, covered stairs or the elevator.

Emergency Preparedness: Weather: SheSpace will follow the sitting Houston Mayor’s severe weather recommendations. Rainy day – Slip proof mats and umbrella receptacles will be provided. Caution – Wet signs will be displayed when needed. Each member will sign the health and safety policy to ensure each member’s safety and well-being. This includes evacuation procedures and emergency drills.

Event spaces: All events are subject to SheSpace Facility expectations and policies. See website for event space details. 

Kitchen: No sharp items are stored in the kitchen. There is a refrigerator to house food brought for daily storage or events. The refrigerator is cleaned and sanitized at the end of each week and all leftover items will be disposed of. No dishwasher is present. Please clean each dish you use. Coffee Maker is commercial grade and touch-free. The water dispenser is commercial grade and disposable gloves are present for use. If the water jug needs to be replaced, please contact a member of management.
COVID-19 Adjustments: All condiments and stirrers are individually wrapped. The coffee mugs will not be used at this time. Each member will be asked to supply their own mug and/or use the disposable cups that will be available. Sanitizer and gloves are provided. CDC sanitation guidelines are stringently followed.

Lost and Found: Lost items will be turned in to Management, bagged and tagged with the time and date. Lost items not claimed within 30 days will be donated to a non-profit of Management’s choice.

Meeting rooms: Please see your Member Portal for current pricing, availability, capacity, and complimentary room hours. Meeting rooms are available for all Members. (SheConnects are excluded.) Reservations are required and can be booked on the Member Portal. All meeting rooms come fully A/V equipped – TV, audio-video conferencing. Each room is visibly marked with the fire marshall recommended capacity. Each room has at least one glass wall and a locking door. No food or drinks will be provided but are allowed. Each room is clearly marked with the name of the space.
COVID-19 Adjustments: Whiteboard markers and erasers will be kept at the front desk for sanitation between meetings. Please allow 5 minutes between meetings to allow for a thorough cleaning with CDC recommended Virex disinfectant.

Noise management policy: We encourage common sense and office etiquette regarding noise volumes. We realize this is a complicated area. We encourage your cooperation. If you know you will be on an extended call or video meeting and require privacy, we have two designated soundproofed Huddle Rooms for your use. Phone calls on speaker and personal speaker devices are prohibited in the common area. We have our playlists ready for events but when it comes to personal playlists during work hours, embrace those earbuds.

Parking: We offer abundant free parking in a well-lighted area steps from our facility.

Security: Doors remain locked by Kisi Technology at all times.  Members may use their key card, phone or may press the button at the front door for access to SheSpace. All visitors will be visually screened and then admitted by Management. All visitors will sign-in on the visitor’s log; name, Member’s name, time in and time out of SheSpace. If guests/clients of a Member arrive, the Member will be notified via the preferred method of communication noted on the Member’s Portal. The guest/client will be asked to wait in the lobby until the Member is present to greet them.  When guests depart, they will also need to sign out. Members are welcome to bring their friends and family to see the space but must sign them in and out. The Lower Heights District provides a roving security officer on the premises.


Business Address: You may use SheSpace’s address as your personal business address by filling out our Mail Services form.

Dressing Room: SheSpace provides a private dressing room for clothing changes. No clothing may be left in the dressing room. Any clothes left will be moved to Lost and Found by Management. It will be bagged and dated. At the end of each month, the lost articles not claimed will be donated to a non-profit of Management’s choice.

Events/Classes: Please see our website calendar to view upcoming events, which all Members are qualified to register for. You may sign up for these events and classes on your Member Portal. Our event spaces house events consisting of both social and business nature. Please see the cancellation policy for Events/Classes under Membership Details.
COVID-19 Adjustments: Event and class capacity comply with CDC recommendations. 

Fitness Classes: We invite all Members (SheConnects does not qualify) to sign up for our classes. Please see our website for class times and availability. All classes are by reservation on your Member Portal. All classes are taught by insured and licensed fitness professionals. Basic equipment is provided. Please see the cancellation policy for Fitness Classes under Membership Details.
COVID-19 Adjustments: Yoga mats will not be provided until COVID-19 is no longer deemed a public health risk. All equipment is sanitized following each class. There are no back to back classes. The filtration system 100% recirculates and filters the air between classes. Disinfectant wipes are provided. 

Hanging Clothes Storage: SheSpace provides a hanging rod for clothes. Users assume liability for clothes hanging in this area.

Huddle Rooms: For use during phone calls, video meetings or private conversations. We encourage use to be kept to 30 minutes. Please wipe down the room as you leave. Wipes provided.

Lactation Lounge: The lounge is locked at all times. The key is available at the front desk and may be checked out for one hour at a time. Pumps are not provided at this time. A sink is located in the room for necessary rinsing. Individual, portable refrigeration units are available for storing breast milk and may be checked out for daily use.
COVID-19 Adjustments: The lounge will be sanitized between uses.

Lockers: For members only. They are first-come, first-served at no charge. Keys are kept at the front desk. Members will be assigned a locker and given a key on a plastic spiral wrist coil. The locker key must be returned at the end of the day. Lockers will be emptied at the end of each day. Items not claimed in 30 days will be forfeited to Management who will donate items to a non-profit of Management’s choice. The User assumes risk. May not store any combustible, hazardous or illegal items.
COVID-19 Adjustments: Locker keys and door handles will be sanitized each night.

Mail Services:  Mail delivery is available and may be signed up for by completing the Mail Services form. Mail will be delivered following the USPS schedule. To restrict unauthorized visitors in the space, mail will be delivered to SheSpace’s mailbox and Management will receive and distribute mail to the Member mailboxes.

Members with a mailbox will have an individual key, which will be returned upon cessation of membership and/or decision mail service is no longer required. If the key is lost, a $20 replacement fee will be charged. Any mail not removed by the lessee at the end of box rental will be returned to the USPS.  No combustible, hazardous or illegal items are allowed.

Office Support Area: Commercial grade copier, shredder, stapler, staple remover, paperclips, tape dispenser, post-its, highlighters, and pens will be provided. Copier guidelines are posted on the Member Portal. Copier paper will be kept at the front desk. Please wipe down after use. SheSpace is not responsible for articles or papers left in the office support area or for papers erroneously shredded.
COVID-19 Adjustments: At this time only the stapler will be present in an effort to minimize exposure. Convenient sanitizer is provided.

Package Delivery: SheSpace has contracts with USPS, FedEx, and UPS for package pickup and delivery. SheSpace follows the same restrictions and guidelines of the respective companies. No packages classified as oversized will be accepted. Upon delivery, packages will be logged with time and date received, and the Member will be notified by email of time and date of package arrival. Packages will be stored in a locked room until they are claimed. Identification and signature will be required for pick-up. If it is deemed Members are abusing the package delivery service, Management may terminate that Member’s package amenity at any time. Shipping costs will be at Member’s expense.

Podcast Room: The Podcast room is available for rental by the hour with a two-hour minimum. Reservations are required. The equipment will be checked to ensure it is in working order before and after the Podcast session with a mutual signing off by both Management and User.  The room is built for the sole purpose of hosting podcasts, soundproofed accordingly. Equipment is designed for high-end recording. The room is locked when not in use. Set-up and take-down are included in your reserved time slot. All Users are subject to terms of the Podcast Room Contract.
Reschedule: Please notify SheSpace Management 48 hours in advance if you need to reschedule. If you notify Management in less than 48 hours, half of your fee will be forfeited.
Equipment: Shure SM7B microphones (3), mic cables (3), Gator table mic stand (3), Sennheiser HD280 Pro headphones (3), Rode RODECaster.
COVID-19 Adjustments: The Podcast Room will be sanitized between sessions. An air purifier is present. 

Pop-Up at SheShop: Our Pop-up at SheShop focuses on promoting local women and the products they create or produce and/or the merchandise they sell.  We require all prospective vendors to fill out the inquiry form on our website. If you are selected, you must sign the participation agreement. All Members and guests are invited to apply. Follow this link to the inquiry form.

SheReads: This is a self-contained book shop featuring titles by women, which is housed within the SheSpace walls. Books can be purchased from a SheSpace staff member.


Membership Details

Cancellations: Events and classes: Cancellations made 7 days or more in advance of the event/class date will receive a 100% refund. Cancellations made within 7 days of the event are non-refundable but can be transferred to another Member. If a booking needs to be canceled due to a natural disaster, act of terrorism, public health crisis, or other act of nature, you are eligible to receive a full refund.
Fitness Classes: Members may cancel a class up to 24 hours without penalty. If a fitness class is canceled within 24 hours of class start time, your fee will be forfeited and no refund will be given. We reserve the right to cancel classes up to 24 hours in advance.
Podcast Room: If you need to cancel your session, notify Management 5 business days in advance and a full refund will be issued. If you cancel within 5 business days of your scheduled session, no refund shall be issued.

Change Request: Both offices and desks are selected by the Member from the available spaces. If it is determined the original selection is no longer suitable, or if an office or desk becomes available, which a Member prefers, a change request may be made by filling out the appropriate request form. As long as Management deems the request reasonable, changes to upgrade will be made at the first of each month. If indicated, monthly billing will reflect the price change. Downgrades will be considered at the end of the Member’s original term.

Member Cancellation Policy: You may cancel your Office, Desk, or Traveler’s Membership at any time following the end of your agreed upon lease term by providing SheSpace with at least 30 days prior notice. If 30 days notice is not given, your lease will continue on a month to month basis at the then-current lease rate. You may cancel your Community and Social memberships at the end of your 30-day payment cycle without penalty. Not technically the month right? At the end of their payment date? Management reserves the right to cancel any Member’s membership or lease at any time for any reason.

Payment Terms:
a. You acknowledge and agree the Member Fee only applies to the Services applicable to your Membership Type. Further, you acknowledge and agree that additional charges, fees and expenses may be invoiced to your account for usage-based Services in addition to any applicable fees paid at the time of service.

b. You agree to pay SheSpace the monthly Member Fee via Chase Bank’s service (or such other service provider selected by SheSpace), which may be accessed through your Member Portal. You are responsible and liable for paying any fees your financial institution charges with respect to any payment of your Member Fee.

c. In addition to any other rights or remedies SheSpace may have in law or in equity for your breach of this Agreement, including, without limitation, failure to provide timely payment of all Member Fees.  SheSpace reserves the right to terminate this Agreement in the event of a late payment, including, without limitation, any payment which is late due to insufficient funds or payment processing errors, omissions or mistakes committed by you.

d. If SheSpace does not terminate this Agreement under Section c above, you shall incur late fees in the amount of five percent (5%) of all overdue balances, calculated and compounding on the seventh (7th) day of each month during the term of this Agreement until all overdue balances are received by SheSpace.  All collections of fees (whether current or overdue) are subject to the Indemnification provision herein.

Tours: When a potential tenant arrives, they will press the button for entry, a visual screening will occur and then will be admitted to SheSpace where they will sign and date the Visitor’s Log. A tour will be held and options discussed. See website for tour availability.

Traveler’s Pass: SheSpace requires an out of state driver’s license and/or proof of out of city residency for the Traveler’s Pass Membership. This Membership’s primary residence is required to be outside of a 50 mile radius of Houston to qualify for the Traveler’s Pass.