mechanical engineer
Franchise Owner Pillar to Post Home Inspectors & Founder Opossums Pocket

“i am made of 100% Texan grit”

Rapid-fire questions with Jennifer Bell

Most important item in your bag?
Work Phone

Favorite power woman lipstick?
MAC Liquid Lipcolour

Your favorite podcast, if any?
To my recollection I have never listened to a Podcast – maybe I had to for my MBA?.  I love TedTalks one of my favorites [ ] and NPR’s “Fresh Air” live

Last book you read? Or last show you binged watched?
Star Wars IV, V, VI & Rouge One

What’s something you can’t leave the house without?

What is your favorite song of all-time?
If I were a Butterfly by Carey Landry.  This is one of the first songs I had to sing in elementary choir.  It still sticks in 2021.

What’s heavily played on your music playlist right now?
Chris Isaak, Steely Dan, Jefferson Starship, SAINt JHN, Maren Morris, Haircut 100, Sammy Hagar, Billy Squier, David Bowie, The Police, Bjork, The Clash, Van Morrison, Paul Brown

What is something you want to get better at?

What excites you most about SheSpace?
Inclusive and Bold

What is the coolest thing we might find on your desk?
My cat

Who would you most like to share a workspace with?
Coco Chanel

Favorite Houston restaurant?

Advice to your 20-year-old self?
More patience and reflection will lead to much less stress

Life motto?
Someone once told me “if you can’t beat ‘em – buy ‘em.”  I haven’t made any acquisitions yet but it helps me wrap around a strategy.

 Favorite inspiring quote of all-time?

“Any girl can be glamorous.  All you have to do is stand still and look stupid” – Hedy Lamarr  

Wait I have 2

“The optimist says the glass is half full, the pessimist says the glass is half empty, the engineer says the glass is twice as big as it needs to be” – unknown

Heels or flats?

Coffee or tea?
Warm milk with a splash of coffee

Walk or bike?