Taking On COVID-19

SheSpace – Preparing our Workplace for COVID-19: our commitment to your health, wellness, and safety. In accordance with: U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA 3990-03 2020

Women are confident risk-takers, however, SheSpace is a lioness protector of our SheSpace sisterhood. We refuse to gamble with your health and safety. SheSpace was designed and built to be energetic, inspirational and intentional in our encouragement of collaboration. Fortunately, because we are still in the build-out phase we easily pivoted to absorb today’s new recommended health and safety standards. No weird retrofitting, no square peg into a round hole. We are spit-spot clean, spaced and sanitized. What does that look like you ask? We have broken it down into these four areas for your reading comfort, or you can read OSHA 3990-03 2020 if you would rather. We thought not.

Sanitation: We are ready for you. The saying goes, wash twice and touch once. We ordered and ordered and ordered. We have sanitation stations, soap, disposable towels and individual sanitizer packets. All complementary. And did you know wall-mounted hand dryers only spew bacteria in the air? Those space-aged hand dryers look cool, but we nixed them from our design and ordered a truckload of disposable hand towels. And we will clean, wipe and scrub using the CDC approved cleaner, AKA Virex, which is also what TMC hospitals use, and best cleaning practices until we conquer all germs. (Fun fact: Even our coffee-connoisseur approved coffee maker is touch free, programmable from your phone. Yes Ma’am, BAM!).

Spacing: Are you a one-woman phenom or belong to a marching band of formidable females? We can accommodate teams of all sizes in person, virtually or a combo of both while maintaining the recommended physical distancing. Our uber-cool offices were designed to allow necessary space and we moved our designated desks six feet apart with colorful buffer barriers. Each desk and privacy wall is moveable. We can adjust to your work pod at a moment’s notice. If you have your own office, feel free to flex those boss muscles and control mask and spacing in your own space.

Air quality: Like we said, we were still in the build-out phase when the pandemic descended on our fine city, so we rolled up our sleeves and put our mask-adorned heads together to maximize the building ventilation. And speaking of masks, we require masks for everyone in our community spaces, entering and exiting the building, and in all common areas. We may be rebels but we are law-abiding rebels. We have complimentary masks waiting for you on days you had too many other things on your She plate. Like we said, we ordered and ordered and ordered some more, even some custom SheSpace masks are available if you want to be spiffy.

Signage: Lifelong habits are hard to break, so we have placed friendly visual reminders to remind you to wash up, distance yourself appropriately and stop touching your face. All with love from the Founding Mothers.

Do not let our light-hearted approach fool you. We take this matter very seriously. A lot of SheTime went into implementing workspace best practices. We are ready. See you soon.


Members Guide to health, safety, and wellness.