SheSpace marketing Intern

Two women who share the same birthday. An interview between the Founder and the Summer Intern

SS: How did you come to be an intern at SheSpace?

L: I was visiting SheSpace with my sister to get her wedding dress top fitted with her bridal designer who uses SheSpace for her fittings. I fell in love with SheSpace and emailed them the next week to see if I could be an intern, and here I am!


SS: What is your current area of study?

L: I am studying marketing at U of H in the Bauer School of Business.


SS: How do you want to use your marketing degree when you graduate?

L: There are so many ways to use it. I have always wanted to go into the fashion side of marketing, but there are so many opportunities. Maybe I will try them all!


SS: Would you ever want to be famous?

L: YES! Of course, I am a Leo. It is in my blood to be famous.


SS: Do you prefer to write with a black pen, a blue pen or a pink pen.

L: A pink pen, always.


SS: You have lived in Houston your whole life, but if you could pick one place to move to, where would it be?

L: New York City!


SS: What is your favorite color?

L: Pink


SS: Has that always been your favorite?

L: No, I used to be a blue girl because I didn’t think it made sense that pink was for girls. That was until I was in high school, but now it is pink all the way.

SS: What never fails to make you smile?

L: Music, I have a very broad taste in music, but I love listening to Machine Gun Kelly.


SS: Do you think of yourself as strong, mentally, and emotionally?

L: Mentally, yes, and emotionally I am like everyone else, I have good days and bad days.

But I have a lot more good days than bad days!


SS: If you could give any advice to young women entering college, what would you say?

L: Pace yourself, join a lot of clubs and it is not as scary as you think it might be.


SS: What is the best advice another woman has ever given you?

L: I heard a successful businesswoman say, “If someone tells you no, you are talking to the wrong person.”


SS: How has another woman in your life empowered you?

L: My mother is a very hard worker, she taught me to always take the initiative.

SS: – Yes, and that is why you are here!


SS: What is your favorite thing about being at SheSpace?

L: The women, absolutely the women. I love everyone here. I love, love the environment.