SheSpace’s desks, spaces, conference rooms, and amenities support ambitious and inspirational women, redefining how and where you work so YOU can reach your full potential.

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Female Coworking Space in Houston

At SheSpace, we’re proud to be the premier female coworking space in Houston with an emphasis on bringing women together to network and find an inviting space to work. We’re a place for the professional woman who doesn’t necessarily need a full-time office but who is tired of working from home or in a noisy coffee shop. With our furnished coworking offices in Houston, you can find a new way to work, surrounded by like-minded peers who show you the power women have in the modern workplace.

What does SheSpace Offer?

We’re dedicated to creating a vibrant, inclusive atmosphere for all types of professionals and creatives. 

We want to give you everything you’re looking for in an office in Houston by providing you with furnished coworking spaces that are more cost-effective and give you a far better chance to bond and network with others. This type of space leads to creativity, success and daily inspiration.

Some of the things we offer with membership include:

  • Shared offices in a variety of sizes
  • Fast, stable internet connections
  • A bookstore
  • Conference rooms
  • Podcast studio rental
  • Mentorship opportunities and a chance to hear the stories of your peers
  • Lockers
  • Mailing address and mail services

How To Contact Us

If you’re looking for a female coworking space in Houston where you can take your business to the next level and feel invigorated by your work, you need to check out SheSpace. This is a revolutionary development in Houston, and we know you’ll love everything from the beautiful design to amenities. This is the Houston coworking space for women that the city needs, and you can be a part of it. To book a tour or start a membership, get in touch with us through the online contact form or by dialing 713-684-8091 or stop by to learn more.