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Setting Boundaries by Modern Therapy

June 2, 2022 @ 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Modern Therapy

We have paired up with Modern Therapy to provide an important talk about setting boundaries in our lives as working women. Modern Therapy is Houston’s premier psychology practice for high functioning professionals experiencing anxiety, relationship and career stress. Join us as we close out our series on catering to our mental health and walk away with some practical tips on how to move forward with setting boundaries.

What to Expect:
Do you often find yourself saying “yes” to people, and saying “no” when it comes to taking care of your needs to the point of exhaustion? Do you find it difficult to stand up for yourself and take on too much too often? In this talk we will explore why, when and how to set boundaries in order to create more space for your needs and peace of mind, that in turn better your relationships with people that often leave feelings of burnout and resentment. We will provide tangible skills on how to improve on setting and maintaining boundaries through the use of self-assessment and communication.

Learn more about Dr. Beatriz Craven:
Based out of Houston, TX, Dr. Beatriz Craven is a psychologist and the founder of Modern Therapy, a psychology practice built for the unique experience of high functioning professionals. She is also the founder of a social wellness community project, HumanHQ. She has a deep-seated drive to live in a meaningful and full-hearted way. She is sensitive to the limited time we have in this world and dedicates her existence to helping people get the most out of it. With the trials and endurance the pandemic (and life) have brought, Dr. B has found a rekindled appreciation for focusing on a life of mission, values-based living, and simplicity.

Learn more about Dana Springer:
Dana Springer relocated to Houston during the first weeks of the pandemic from New York City, leaving her career in filmmaking behind to return to her passion of making meaningful connections and helping others in need through therapy. With a creative background in film and fashion, Dana has a deep sense of empathy for those who are in search of trying to make sense of their personal and professional lives. She is a firm believer there is no problem too big or too small, and understands the importance of creating spaces free of judgement so people can give themselves the gift of self-love.

Learn more about Modern Therapy:


June 2, 2022
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm